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  • Don't "take the brakes off" Covid measures, leading scientist says https://bbc.in/36kFkfH
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 1:15pm Retweets7 RetweetsFavourites17 Favourites
  • Sir Philip Green 'must plug Arcadia pension hole' https://bbc.in/3fJ6PTa
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 12:03pm Retweets10 RetweetsFavourites97 Favourites
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  • "Your horse trading is another person’s accountability to parliament" Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab talks to… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1333012423654203392
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 11:38am Retweets11 RetweetsFavourites35 Favourites
  • UK in "last leg" of trade talks with EU, Dominic Raab says https://bbc.in/2Vh5h9o
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 11:46am Retweets19 RetweetsFavourites82 Favourites
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  • "For the rest of my life I will deeply regret the number of people who have lost their lives in the face of this vi… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1333003495151165443
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 11:02am Retweets23 RetweetsFavourites106 Favourites
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  • Jurgen Klopp took aim at BT Sport and Chris Wilder in an extraordinary post match interview. Read what he said in… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1332998991693422594
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 10:45am Retweets7 RetweetsFavourites179 Favourites
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  • #Marr challenges Scotland’s First Minster Nicola Sturgeon on the SNP’s record on education http://bbc.in/3fK9A6C
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 10:18am Retweets62 RetweetsFavourites347 Favourites
  • How will the Christmas support bubbles work? What about bubbles in schools? All you need to know ⬇️ https://bbc.in/2UYMAqP
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 10:33am Retweets14 RetweetsFavourites62 Favourites
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  • Another grey day for much of the UK with extensive low cloud, mist and fog. The best chance any sunshine will be ac… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1332968675951964168
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 8:44am Retweets15 RetweetsFavourites85 Favourites
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  • Dave Prowse: Darth Vader actor dies aged 85 https://bbc.in/37l4pWO
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 6:02am Retweets4262 RetweetsFavourites13141 Favourites
  • Covid-19: PM's appeal to Tory MPs, and anti-lockdown protest arrests https://bbc.in/39srn10
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 6:52am Retweets15 RetweetsFavourites42 Favourites
  • Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr share an engaging draw in 'exhibition' bout https://bbc.in/2KT8V7L
  • Sunday 29th November 2020 6:48am Retweets17 RetweetsFavourites86 Favourites