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  • Lord Frost to meet EU to discuss NI Protocol https://bbc.in/3wRjcVj
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 8:34am Retweets1 RetweetsFavourites7 Favourites
  • County lines gang 'recruited teen in 80 minutes via Snapchat' https://bbc.in/2OQqaZE
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 8:28am Retweets7 RetweetsFavourites28 Favourites
  • A deer fawn, once extinct in the wild, has been born at safari park https://bbc.in/2QkHS82
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 8:18am Retweets42 RetweetsFavourites256 Favourites
  • Black youth unemployment rises to 35% in pandemic, new research indicates https://bbc.in/3smv12w
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 7:55am Retweets58 RetweetsFavourites99 Favourites
  • Visually-impaired woman 'frightened' by e-scooters https://bbc.in/3sn6nPi
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 7:35am Retweets27 RetweetsFavourites109 Favourites
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  • “It’s a lot of vaccine that potentially might not be used” Professor of experimental medicine Peter Openshaw tells… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1382215318358142976
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 7:13am Retweets9 RetweetsFavourites24 Favourites
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  • 'Mix and match' UK Covid vaccine trial expanded https://bbc.in/3tgKNgh
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 6:06am Retweets59 RetweetsFavourites213 Favourites
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  • Lockdown learning 'made me feel a lot more confident' https://bbc.in/3mKTD3z
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 6:26am Retweets49 RetweetsFavourites346 Favourites
  • Neighbours: Actress Sharon Johal also alleges racism on soap https://bbc.in/3dc7mgF
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 4:29am Retweets20 RetweetsFavourites119 Favourites
  • Seven things you might not know about Brick Lane https://bbc.in/3uMBNA3
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 1:50am Retweets24 RetweetsFavourites112 Favourites
  • Why 'stay-at-home parent' is a job title https://bbc.in/3mJR7ui
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 12:42am Retweets27 RetweetsFavourites118 Favourites
  • Why $30m didn't protect Nigerian pupils after Chibok https://bbc.in/3sdO4fi
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 12:42am Retweets9 RetweetsFavourites26 Favourites
  • 2021 elections: What elections can I vote in this year? https://bbc.in/3dUUmeA
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 12:38am Retweets7 RetweetsFavourites27 Favourites
  • Newspaper headlines: 'Sleazy access' in lobbying row and 'thirst in the queue' https://bbc.in/3ddQgPu
  • Wednesday 14th April 2021 12:15am Retweets10 RetweetsFavourites44 Favourites